Wireless RF Transceiver HY-BP100

Advanced 433MHz automatic frequency conversion communication technology, with special communication protocol developed by HUIAN. It has strong anti-interference type and confidentiality to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of conference voting data.



· 128-bit AES Rijndael and 48-bit PIN code encryption protection.
· Automatic identification of interference source frequency in the full frequency range.
· With power off and power off memory function.
· Display results within 3 seconds within 1000 seats, above 1000 seats can display results within 5 seconds.
· 360-degree all-directional communication, can bypass all kinds of obstacles, distance up to 200 meters.
· 128×64 high brightness LCD display, dynamic information display in Chinese and English.
· Low power consumption circuit design, built-in high capacity lithium battery.


Working power supply
AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
power waste
Transmit power
Receiving sensitivity
Connect to computer
USB interface
Communication frequency
433 MHz / 2.4G optional
Number of channels
32 channels
Communication distance
system capacity
2000 units

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