Multi Functional AV Control Unit HY-CC100H

– 7.0″ touch screen
– 8-way RS232 (2-way for internal use)
– 4-way RS485
– 6-way infrared
– 4-way I/O
– 4-way weak relay


Function parameter

1.★Built-in network interface, support network cascade, support remote network control, compatible with IOS and Android system;
2.The system also supports 433MHz wireless RF communication technology and 2.4G/5G wireless WiFi communication technology;
3. 667MHz main frequency 32-bit embedded processor, ARM11 CPU, 1G memory and 2G FLASH memory;
4.★ Full support for TCP / UDP control protocols, a network port a network cable can control multiple network devices;
5.★ Fully compatible with wireless touch screen, wired touch screen, PC computer, iPad, iPhone, Android system terminal control;
6.★Support multiple identical or different control terminals to control the same central control host at the same time, and can be customized to control terminal rights;
7. 24-bit digital-to-analog conversion, 96KHz audio sampling frequency, frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz;
8. Built-in feedback suppression (AFC), environmental noise echo cancellation (AEC), noise suppression (ANC), automatic gain control (AGC) Auto Mixer (Auto Mixer), gain sharing, threshold auto mixer, dodger function;
9.★ Support 8 × 8-way analog input and output audio channels, optional 8 × 8-way Dante protocol audio channels;
10.★Support the connection of 8 high-definition cameras, built-in 8 × 8 HDMI high-definition video matrix, can be connected to a variety of HDMI high-definition signals;
11. With 8-way independent dynamic programmable RS-232 (internal use of 2-way) and 4-way RS-485 control interface, the system fully supports a variety of control connection protocols;
12. With 6-way IR infrared transmitter interface, 4-way digital I / 0 input and output control port, 4-way RY weak relay control interface;
13. With 8-way GPIO can be independently configured input and output interfaces, configuration input can be used as an independent ADC mode converter;
14. Built-in automatic recognition of the USB interface sound card, support for local recording and remote conferencing on a variety of occasions;
15. Support 16 groups of audio mode settings and call;
16. Support the expansion of Dante protocol audio output;

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