HY-S83C/D Pluggable Wired Chairman Delegate Unit

·All zinc aluminum alloy, 6-level touched glass panel.
·Advanced and stable “IRIN” chip with dual backup design.
·Support the simultaneous output of hand-in-hand conference and phantom powered audio signal.
·Magnetic pluggable microphone rod, high fidelity 9.7mm gold-plated capacitive pickup.
·Support vertical array technology of double pickup heads
·The embedded web page control system supports the full platform operating systems of windows, Android and IOS.


HUAIN 8310 series conference microphone adopts double pickup head longitudinal array technology, pickup distance is far, get up to speak can also be clear pickup. The microphone comes with two USB interfaces and two 3.5mm headset interface, during the meeting can be monitored as well as later maintenance and upgrading.



· Advanced “IRIN” chip and DSP/DDOV digital conference technology to achieve stable digital signal transmission and processing.
· Dual backup design:
Support hand-in-hand conference and phantom power audio signal output at the same time, to ensure double protection of audio signal.
· Magnetic pluggable microphone pole:
Built-in high-fidelity dual pickup head with zinc-aluminum alloy pole and integrally molded pickup steel mesh, accurately controlling the pickup angle and avoiding acoustic feedback.
· High sensitivity design:
Equipped with automatic gain AGC, digital equalization EQ, ambient noise cancellation AEC function, effective pickup distance up to 60-100cm.
· Full zinc aluminum alloy body:
Embedded Mohs hardness level 6 touch glass panel, the base CNC precision engraving processing one-piece molding, with waterproof and dustproof function.
· High-fidelity lossless audio transmission:
48KHz audio sampling frequency, frequency response 30Hz-20KHz, sensitive pickup, clear voice.
· Intelligent audio detection function and eight conference modes:
Supports ring hand connection and a variety of identity permission settings, the system automatically detects the state of the equipment to ensure that the meeting goes smoothly.



System capacity Single channel 10-20 sets
Frequency response 30Hz~20KHz
Signal to noise ratio >92dB
Microphone sensitivity – 35 db + 2 db
The connection method T-shaped head, ring hand in hand
Connect the head 8 PIN XLR
Number of units opened 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 or all
Number of the function You can customize the ID number
Maximum loudest pressure level 136 db (THD < 3%)
Headphone output interface Φ3.5mm solid jack
Chairman of the number 150 units
VIP number More than one
color Dark blue (black glass panel)
The weight of the 1.35 Kg
Installation dimensions 185*120*60mm (excl. microphone)
installation Desktop type


Application Cases

The HUAIN global conference program serves 30+ countries and regions, and has been successfully applied in large-scale conferences such as China International Fair for Import and Export and Hongqiao International Economic Forum, Davos Forum, World Intelligence Congress, Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit Conference, China-Russia Media Forum, World Military Games, and so on.

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