HY-M14D Mobile Phone Recording Shielding Box

The 4-digit anti recording mobile phone blocking box is suitable for internal large-scale meetings, technical discussions, business communication, and negotiations.



  • Recording Masking

Ultrasonic Noise Acoustic Interference Technology safely and effectively blocks the recording function.

  • Safe

It will not cause serious harm to the human body.

  • Centralized Management

It can block the recording function of 4 cell phones at the same time, which is very suitable for the military and occasions requiring high confidentiality.

  • Long Life Time

Built-in 6800mAh high-capacity battery, long battery life, flexible placement in communication and negotiation scenarios.

Model of anti recording conference system:

HY-M20D— Anti recording and blocking device(desktop)

HY-M30D— Anti recording and blocking device(Under the table)

HY-M50D— Anti theft Bluetooth speaker

HY-M60D— Cell phone signal jammer

Application Cases

The HUAIN global conference program serves 30+ countries and regions, and has been successfully applied in large-scale conferences such as China International Fair for Import and Export and Hongqiao International Economic Forum, Davos Forum, World Intelligence Congress, Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit Conference, China-Russia Media Forum, World Military Games, and so on.

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