HUAIN HY-PCM80 Rackmount 8 Channel Power Controller

The 8-channel power controller is an eight-channel high-current power controller, which is generally used in programmable central control system mainframe. And each channel can withstand a maximum of 10A/220V.


Features and function:

· 8-way independent node control interface.
· 1 RS-232 control interface is compatible with Huayin programmable control host.
· TCP/UDP control protocol.
· Single circuit current 10A, maximum load capacity 2200W/circuit.
· Emergency can manually control single or multi-channel master switch.
· Stand-alone computer software control or send code control.
· Power indication.
· Optical isolation module.


Number of relays 8
Loading capacity Single 10A, 2200W/way
Communication mode RS-232, TCP/UDP
Power supply AC100V~240V
Indicator light Power and signal indicator
Cascade capacity 255 units
Dimension 483×200×45 mm (L×W×H)

Application Cases

The HUAIN global conference program serves 30+ countries and regions, and has been successfully applied in large-scale conferences such as China International Fair for Import and Export and Hongqiao International Economic Forum, Davos Forum, World Intelligence Congress, Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit Conference, China-Russia Media Forum, World Military Games, and so on.

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