HUAIN HY-CP8C Audio Matrix Wall Controller

· with display screen
· PoE power supply
· Requires an additional 4-channel dedicated PoE injector for connection


The control panel is used for the HUAIN audio media matrix and is controlled through the PoE power supply control system.


· 1.8 “high brightness OLED display screen.
· ★ Supports 32 menus.
· 1 dial control knob.
· Volume/Mute, preset selection, room combination, etc.
· UDP control protocol.
· TCP/IP address setting method.
· The length of the signal line is 100 meters.
· ★ Adopting PoE power supply method.
· The connection port is RJ-45.
· Power consumption<100mW.
· Color: White.
· Aluminum alloy sandblasting.
· External dimensions: 86 x 86mm.

Other control methods:

HY-CP8— Physical buttons ,powered by POE,Additional 4 dedicated POE power supply connections are required

HY-AP10— Powered by POE

Application Cases

The HUAIN global conference program serves 30+ countries and regions, and has been successfully applied in large-scale conferences such as China International Fair for Import and Export and Hongqiao International Economic Forum, Davos Forum, World Intelligence Congress, Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit Conference, China-Russia Media Forum, World Military Games, and so on.

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