HUAIN HY-403LW 4X3 Full Way Column Speaker

ABS plastic mixed with fiberglass reinforced cabinet, UV waterproof dip-coating, with IPV4 waterproof level. waveguide elements in the front and damping ports at the rear of the cabinet form a unique low-frequency cardioid diffusion.


This column speaker is used in places such as churches, auditoriums, conference rooms, theaters, outdoor events and shopping malls to provide high-quality audio coverage.

Features include narrow directivity, even coverage, flexible installation, modular design, high sound quality and durability. This effectively reduces reflections and volume attenuation, ensures clear sound and adapts to a wide range of environmental uses.

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Technical Parameters

· Unit: 4 × 3 “high-quality neodymium-iron-boron unit
· Frequency Response: 100Hz-18KHz (±3dB)
· Power: 120W (RMS) / 480W (PEAK)
· Impedance: 8Ω
· Sensitivity: 96dB/1W/1M
· Maximum sound pressure: 120dB (at 1M)
· Diffusion Angle: Vertical >20°, Horizontal >120°
· Building material: ABS plastic + fiberglass
· Cone basin material: waterproof pulp coating
· Grid material: full aluminum alloy, rust-proof box
· Flame retardant level: UL-94 V_0
·  Waterproof level: IPV4
·  Mounting holes: 10 M6
·  Mounting bracket: intelligent mounting bracket
· Size: 530×100×150mm
· Color: white

Application Cases

The HUAIN global conference program serves 30+ countries and regions, and has been successfully applied in large-scale conferences such as China International Fair for Import and Export and Hongqiao International Economic Forum, Davos Forum, World Intelligence Congress, Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit Conference, China-Russia Media Forum, World Military Games, and so on.

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