HUAIN HY-S500C/D Wired Chairman Delegate Unit With Braille

· DSP/DDOV Technology
· Intelligent audio detection
· Graphic, Braille Dual Marking
· Class D speakers
· High sensitivity design
· Three-color indicator
· Super anti-interference ability
· Digital ID addressing mode


This desktop wired unit uses a unique exterior design with a 48mm length speaking indicator, speaking buttons with both graphic and Braille markings, and optional built-in Class D speakers.

Functions and features

· 9.7mm gold-plated capacitor pickup, high sensitivity to human voice frequency response.
· Strong anti-interference technology to ensure that the venue equipment other signal interference.
· Support a variety of connection methods.
· Built-in Class D speaker;.
· 1 3.5 mm headphone jack for conference monitoring, volume buttons.
· 1 set of volume buttons to adjust the monitoring volume level.




Microphone type 9.7mm gold-plated microphone
Directivity Cardioid Directional Electret
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity -37dB±2dB
Output Impedance <200Ω
Max SPL 125dB
SNR >90dB
Dynamic Range >96dB
Equivalent noise 18dB
Connection method Junction box, T-adaptor, Daisy Chain, hand in hand
Connector 8 PIN (or RJ45)
Power supply DC24V
Mic Length 390mm(customizable)
Color dark gray


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