Full Digital Wired Discussion Unit With 16CH Interpretation HY-8605C/D

4.5″ LCD full lamination with nano-scale anti-fingerprint touch screen
16-channel simultaneous interpretation
Video tracking
function
Voting function
5-band EQ adjustment
Support wired and wireless microphone together


1. Dual backup design, which can double guarantee the audio signal;
2. Adopting nano-scale fingerprint isolation technology, so as to achieve the effect of anti-fingerprint and anti-sweat;
3. Equipped with 4.5″ HD LCD fully laminated touch screen, which can display information such as unit LOGO, participant information, speaking time, conference service, perpetual calendar and sign-in voting data;
4. With speech timing function;
5. Support the “ring hand in hand” connection, comes with professional 6/8 core or CAT5 cable.
6.★Support FIFO, application to speak, voice-activated start, press and hold the speech, free discussion of the five conference modes. 14;
7.★Can support multi-language selection display, including Chinese Simplified, English display menu, can be customized according to the needs of the menu language;
8. With super anti-interference ability;
9. With a 3.5 mm headset interface, as a participant in the meeting monitoring the use of independent and free to adjust the size of the listening volume;
10. With a USB interface, can be inserted into the U disk to import files, can be free to remove the equipment upgrade program and maintenance;

 · Technical Parameters

5.8G wireless/Wired chairman/delegate unit 
Working frequency
Communication distance
Receiving/transmitting angle
System capacity
Single host can connect 140 microphone units
4.5-inch LCD display
Cardioid directional electret
Microphone Type
Frequency Response
Signal to Noise Ratio
Microphone sensitivity
Li-ion Battery Capacity
Camera tracking
Maximum sound pressure level
136dB (THD<3%)
Number of units open



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