HUAIN HY-SS300C/D Wired Tabletop Chairman Delegate Unit

· Intelligent audio detection
· Super anti-jamming ability
· 360° omnidirectional acoustic shielding design
· Waterproof and dustproof function
· High sensitivity sound pickup
· DSP/DDOV technology


HY-SS300 series simple digital conference system uses advanced and stable “IRIN” chip and DSP/DDOV digital conference technology. System features include: microphone management, conference recording, video tracking and more.
With just one action, the delegate can become the chairman, and the chairman unit can start and pause the meeting to control the meeting.

· Features

· High sensitivity pickup, built-in auto gain AGC function.
· Circuit system with microphone noise suppression.
· Built-in 2 Class D high power speakers.
· 18mm round speaking indicator.
· Support eight conference modes.
· The representative unit can be set as the chairman unit by long-pressing the speak button, and the chairman unit has the function of controlling the conference order and priority speaking right.


Frequency Response 30Hz~20KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio >90dB
Dynamic Range 96dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.05%
Microphone Sensitivity -37dB±2dB
Operating Voltage 24V DC±5%
Operating Current 60mA ±5%
Connection Method T-head, splitter box, ring handles
Connector 8 pin (or CAT5)
Color Silver/Black
Weight 0.68Kg
Dimension 140×110×20mm (not including mic
Installation Desktop

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