HUAIN HY-6300C/D Wired Push Button Chairman Delegate Unit

· DSP/DDOV digital conferencing technology
· High-fidelity lossless audio transmission
· Intelligent Audio Detection
· Digital ID Addressing
· Six conference modes
· Hot-swappable function
· Super anti-interference ability
· Automatic detection function


This simple desktop unit is highly antistatic. The microphone material uses aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, advanced and durable. With strong anti-interference technology, the frequency response can reach 30Hz-20KHz, close to the CD sound quality effect.


· Digital strong anti-interference technology, to ensure that the equipment in the meeting place is not interfered by cell phones, Bluetooth, radio, WiFi and other signals.
· Cameras can be automatically tracked.
· The system is equipped with 6 conference modes: first-in-first-out, free discussion, application to speak, queuing mode, computer permission, and speaking time limit mode.
· Between the units with line power “hot swap” function. 17.
· Intelligent audio detection function, when the distance between two neighboring units close to the audio automatically inverted attenuation to ensure that there is no whistling.
· High-fidelity lossless audio transmission technology.
· With a 3.5 mm headphone socket.
· Built-in 2W hi-fi speaker.


frequency response 30Hz~20KHz
Signal to noise ratio >90dB
dynamic range 96dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%
working voltage 24V DC
Working current 60mA
Connection mode Junction box, T-head, ring handle
Connector Large 8-core (or mesh port)
Unit opening quantity 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 or all
Unit power consumption 2W
Size 130×100x55mm
Color Black,Blue


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