Full Digital Conference Main Unit HY-8600M

Wired and wireless microphones work together
Web Control
16-channel simultaneous interpretation


Adopting 5.8G full digital frequency hopping (DSSS) modulation communication technology, aluminum alloy panel embedded with Mohs hardness level 6 touch glass, equipped with 4.5″ TFT fully laminated touch screen, graphical human-machine interface is easy to operate, improve debugging efficiency; support web page control function, through the browser access to the conference can be set up and adjusted for each function; using TCP/IP connection, support remote control, TCP/IP connection, support remote control, remote diagnosis and upgrade program, built-in DSP digital audio module, with adaptive feedback suppression, 7-band digital equalizer, automatic gain function.

 · Technical Parameters

Power supply AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Unit interface  3-way 8-pin and 4-way RJ45
Display 4.5-inch capacitive screen
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio >96 dB
Dynamic Range  106dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.05%
Output Impedance  47 KΩ
Audio Input  RCA×2 +20dB,XLR×1 +10dB
Audio Output Balanced Output XLR×1 +10dB
Auxiliary Output RCA×2 +20dB
Video Input  SDI×8
Video Output SDI×8
Pixel Bandwidth 225MHz
Resolution 1920@1080 60Hz
Video bandwidth 2.25Gbps
Video Control  RS-485 Phoenix terminal/RS-232
Installation For 19-inch standard rack



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