Flush-mounting Voting Unit HY-6525BS

High-quality zinc-aluminum alloy panel, embedded design installation, can be customized panel size; sign-in, voting buttons with different color marking, sign-in for the black, green for the green, against the red, abstain from voting for the yellow, intuitively clear.



· 128×32 high brightness LCD display, can display system ID, sign-in, voting data and other information.

· “Ring hand in hand” connection, the voting unit comes with professional 8 pin or CAT5 cable, the cable adopts the whole line of aluminum foil, water line shielding, can effectively avoid and prevent line electromagnetic interference.

· System single line distance up to 150 meters, can effectively avoid and prevent line electromagnetic interference, to ensure that the data will never be lost.


display  128 × 32 LCD display
working voltage  24V DC±5%
Working current  60mA ±5%
Connection mode  Junction box, T-head, ring handle
Connector  Din 8pin (or network port)
Numbering function  Customizable ID number
Unit power consumption  1.5W
colour  golden
weight  0.95Kg
Panel size  155 × 70 × 3mm
Opening size  132 × 60 × 132mm
Installation mode  Embedded

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