Flush-mounting Touch Voting Unit HY-6515B

Advanced and stable “IRIN” chip, DSP/DDOV digital conference technology, in line with IEC60065 international standards.
Embedded touch panel, with strong anti-interference technology, to ensure that the equipment in the venue is not interfered by cell phones, Bluetooth, radio, WiFi and other signals.



·Embedded modular design, all-aluminum alloy touch glass pane.

·It can be customized according to the opening size of the conference table.

·It has three unit connection ports, including one RJ45 network port and two 8 pin DIN shielded interfaces, and supports mixed connection of network ports and 8 pin interfaces.

·Support “ring handle” connection, with professional 8-core or CAT5 cable.

·The distance between single lines can reach 150 meters, which can effectively avoid and prevent line electromagnetic interference.

·The sign-in and voting buttons have different colors. The sign-in is black, the like is green, the opposition is red, and the abstention is yellow.

·Different language displays can be customized according to needs.

·It has the “hot plug” function of line electrification.

·It has strong anti-interference ability.


System capacity
30 sets for single circuit
Working voltage
24V DC±5%
Working current
40mA ±5%
Connection mode
T-shaped head, ring handle
Large 8-core (or mesh port)
Numbering function
Customizable ID number
Unit power consumption
Grey, silver (customizable)
Overall dimension
Panel size
Hole size
Installation method

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