Condenser Boundary Microphone HY-881D

· Floorstanding Gooseneck.
· Electret condenser cardioid unidirectional microphone.
· High quality low frequency attenuation circuitry.
· Simple, fast desktop mounting.
· Used for enhanced pickup, conferences, TV broadcasts, professional recording and more.


   Boundary microphones are used because they rely on the boundary effect, which occurs when sound waves reflect off a surface and interact with the main sound source.
Because of their unique design and pickup characteristics, boundary microphones are commonly used in conference rooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, broadcast studios and stage performances.


· Desktop microphone without microphone pole.
· Metal casing desktop design.
· PTZ front power supply and amplifier components, requires external DC 48V phantom power to work.
· High quality low frequency attenuation circuitry, low impedance balanced audio output.


Microphone Type
Multi-core condenser
Frequency Response
Output Resistance
Hemispherical single directivity
Sex-to-Noise Ratio
67dB SPL 1KHz at 1Pa
Power Supply


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