4×3 Inch Array Motorized Speaker HY-CP403

Motorized flip ceiling speakers, innovative design, invisible installation, all-round sound and excellent space utilization.


1. System: 3″ full-range array motorized speakers;
2.★Unit: 4 × 3 “full-range high-quality speaker unit;
3.★Frequency Response: 120Hz-20KHz (±3dB);
4. Power: 80W (RMS) / 320W (PEAK);
5. Impedance: 8Ω;
6. Sensitivity: 97dB/1W/1M;
7.★Maximum sound pressure: 119dB (at 1M);
8. Coverage angle: 110° x 30°;
9.★Flip angle: 0-45°;
10.★Center control: connected to the center control system control through the relay;
11.★Partition control: connect the speaker controller;
12.★Material structure: 6063 aluminum alloy closed box, HD coating body;
13. Paint treatment: white high hardness paint;
14. Mesh cover material: 1mm round perforated steel mesh, paste waterproof and dustproof acoustic sponge;
15. Product size: 376×128×120mm;
16. Opening size: 355×110×120mm;
17.Weight: 3.15Kg;
18.Color: white;;

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