2.4G Wireless Conference Unit HY-5830C/D

  • 2.0″ LCD Display
  • Touch Glass Panel
  • Video Tracking
  • Wireless Charging
  • 4 Conference Modes


  · Features

– 2″ LCD high brightness display, support power, signal, ID address, speech timing and other information.

– With speech timing function.

– 2.4G full digital frequency hopping (DSSS) modulation communication technology, ISM band.

– 128-bit AES Rijndael and 48-bit PIN code encryption protection.

– Support video tracking.

– Microphone with four working modes, the number of speakers can be custom set (the number can be set to 1/2/3/4 units): * FIFO mode * Chairman exclusive mode * Limited speaking mode * Restricted speech mode

– The bottom of the microphone is removable rechargeable battery, low power consumption design, built-in 3200mA/H
rechargeable battery, support 10 hours continuous standby use.

– With 1 TYPE-C interface, support adapter, charging box charging,
optional wireless charging.

– Super anti-interference capability.

 · Technical Parameters

HUAIN Digital conference unit
Microphone type
9.7mm gold plated microphone core
Signal to noise ratio
Total harmonic distortion
< 0.05%
Microphone sensitivity
working voltage
24V DC±5%
Working current
80mA ±5%
Large 8-core (or mesh port)
Video tracking



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