Upgrading the New Lecture Hall for Smart Meetings

HUAIN Conference System recently upgraded its conference system for a troop lecture hall in Henan Province.

This project includes a series of advanced equipments and services such as Dante network-type double-diaphragm conference unit, visualized distributed management system, high-definition automatic camera tracking system, sound reinforcement system, central control system and so on.

The Dante network-ready dual-diaphragm conference unit HY-891DT series utilizes advanced anti-interference technology to ensure clear and stable audio transmission in any environment. Whether in a noisy conference room or in a remote video conference, it ensures the accurate transmission of information, which is indispensable for troops who need to communicate efficiently.

The visualized distributed management system and HD automatic camera tracking system greatly improve the smoothness and stability of the video conference. Provide high-definition real-time meeting screen display, while the camera can accurately and quickly capture the speakers, and the meeting process is clear at a glance.

The central control system centralizes the management and control of all conference equipment. Including screen, audio, lighting, camera, etc., all the equipment can be effectively controlled. Through the central control system, users can easily realize the switching of equipment, adjusting the volume, switching the content of the cast screen and other operations, which greatly improves the efficiency and convenience of the meeting.

HUAIN full set of audio and video conference system not only improves the meeting efficiency of the troops, but also enhances their security, which has won high praise and trust from the troops.
We will continue to provide more troops with efficient and safe conference system solutions with our innovative technology and professional services.

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