Upgrading of Conference Rooms at Wuhan University

Wuhan University highly praises the outstanding performance of HUAIN conference system.

The first is the upgrade of the paperless all-in-one machine with microphone lift. This device will greatly reduce paper consumption and enable paperless meetings. Through the electronicization of documents, participants can view and edit meeting documents on their own devices without having to print out the information.

The elevated microphone makes it easier for participants to speak while viewing documents, increasing the efficiency of the meeting. The sound amplifier ensures that the speaker’s voice is clear and stable, and allows participants to hear clearly from any location.

Secondly, the big visualization screen is upgraded.

The display technology used in this large screen allows participants to see clear, realistic images from any angle. This will undoubtedly greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the meeting, enabling participants to participate more deeply in the meeting.

Further, the automatic tracking camera is equipped. This camera is able to intelligently capture important moments in the meeting, ensuring that the recording and review of the meeting are complete and accurate. Moreover, it is also able to automatically track speakers so that attendees are always aware of the progress of the meeting.

This re-selection of HUAIN conference system by Wuhan University’s School of Electricity and Automation fully demonstrates the excellent performance of HUAIN conference system in enhancing conference efficiency and experience.

We have reason to believe that HUAIN conference system will continue to help more universities to enhance their conference facilities and provide better support for academic research and administrative work.

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