Parliamentary Conference Room Program

Shandong Dezhou Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress room as its important workplace, need a set of efficient, intelligent, environmentally friendly audio and video conferencing system to meet the daily meetings, voting, paperless office and other needs.

HUAIN customized a comprehensive audio/video conferencing system solution for the conference room according to its actual needs and site characteristics.

Project requirements:

In order to improve the efficiency of the meeting and reduce the use of paper documents, it is necessary to realize electronic voting, electronic sign-in, real-time data statistics and other functions in the process of the meeting; to improve the audio quality of the meeting, to ensure that the audio effect of the meeting, the microphone to ensure that the speaker’s voice can be clearly transmitted to the audience; the need for high-definition display of the large screen, able to clearly show the audio and video files, to facilitate the audience to understand the meeting in the auditorium Content.


Adopt advanced paperless conference management system with electronic voting system to realize electronic and intelligent conference process.

Speaking microphone such as dual-diaphragm conference microphone HY-6320 series, speech special microphone using all-digital signal processing technology, with high-quality pickup head, to achieve high-definition, low-noise, anti-whistling audio effect, to ensure that the clarity of the voice of each participant; high-definition conference screen with high brightness, high contrast and other characteristics, can clearly display a variety of images and video, so that participants more intuitive understanding of the The center control system integrates and debugs the whole set of audio and video conferencing system to ensure the synergy and stability of each equipment.

The use of the whole set of audio and video conferencing system solutions reduces the preparation and organization of paper documents, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, while ensuring the audio quality of the meeting, enhancing the interactivity and participation of the meeting, and greatly improving the efficiency of the meeting. The solution is characterized by high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence and stability, which is conducive to improving the efficiency and quality of the meeting, reducing maintenance costs and failure rate, and providing more powerful support for the meeting.

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