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Zhuhai Huain Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and focused on the research and development and production of audio and video products. Products are sold to more than 200 regions such as Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, and Africa.
Huain has thousands of product models such as high -end full digital conference systems, paperless conference systems, distributed visual management systems, central control systems, matrix systems, remote video systems, audio sound dilatance systems and peripheral processing equipment Essence
We have a number of patented technologies, and most of the employees have more than ten years of cross -border trade experience.
We will provide customers and partners with more competitive conference system solutions and services!

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Continuous Innovation

Huain has launched new products with completelyindependen intelectual property ights every year, and its annual investmentin research anddevelopmentexceeds 30% of its profits.

Complete Qualification Certification

The qualifcation certification system is complete and is constantly being updated and improved (with hundreds of patents of various types,10s, COc, etc..

Sound product system

Comprehensive and integrated mature integrated solutions for different application scenarios.

Brand Promotion

Spend a lot of money every year to participate in industry exhibitions, tour shows and various publicity websites of the industry.

Customer First, Service First

Provide the best pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services, and obtain the recognition of customers.

More Than 5000+ Cases

Nearly 10000 domestic and foreign case priects qpplied in goverment, courts, city hals, hotel, schools, medical care, arge intemationgl conferences andother felds aresold to Russig, taly the United States and other Europegn and American regions, Southegst Asig, Africg and other countries.








Years Of Experience


Professiongl R&D Tegm


Advanced Production Line

Strict Quality Control

Delivery Inspection


Strict Technical Inspection

Strong After-Sales Team


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